Wednesday, June 5, 2013


I used to have a huge fascination with umbrellas.  It all started with Mary Poppins and she could fly with hers.  I used to try it even.  I would try running really fast and jumping as high as I could but never really seemed to get much air.  Then I would think, for sure it would work on windy days, but it only turned my umbrella inside out.  As I got older I loved umbrellas mainly because it added that bright splash of color to the dark gray canvas and I loved being the one holding the cheerful color and the sound of the rain falling on it, just kinda soothing if you will.  So thus continued by love for umbrellas.  You would think I was suppose to live in Portland because of such fascinations.  However, apparently its not that cool to use umbrella's in Portland.  You may get looked at funny.  So instead like everyone else I wear my black rain jacket and fit into the grayness that surrounds me.  Well enough about me.  Now onto my kids.

Maia found on of her umbrellas the other day as she was digging in the box that held all their winter accessories.  She got excited and figured out how to open it up.  So then came Paxton wanting the said umbrella.  So we found another and it was an umbrella party in our house that soon moved outside.  And no it was not a rainy day here in Portland, but a very sunny, warm, beautiful day.  So they had their little umbrella adventures outside playing and dancing around with umbrellas.  I was taken back to my love for them and enjoyed watching them explore a new-found object.

So I think, maybe we should just not care about fitting into the Portland gloom, but be the bright splashes of color that brings cheer to the days of drear.  However, I won't rush that.  These sunny, warm, beautiful days have been absolutely lovely!

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